How long does it take to ship?

Why is shipping cost so high?

Which countries do you ship too?

Will I receive a tracking number?

Fedex/UPS told me, they dont receive any package yet. Whats wrong?

Tax / Certifications

Do I need to pay tax?

What certifications do you have for your products?


What warranty do I get?

Can I return the Meepo board?

The Boards

How water resistant is this board?

Do I need to charge the board when I receive it?

How can I get more range??

How much weight can the Meepo hold?

How can I adjust my turning radius?

Can I ride the board up hills?

Can I still kickpush the board if I run out of battery?

Video Tutorials

How to use your remote

How to pair your remote to your esc

How to assemble your own meepo board

How to change battery packs

How to do a Meepo Deck Swap (Step By Step)

How to replace your Meepo motors

How to Check If Your Meepo Battery Is Broken

How To Replace The ESC in Your Meepo Board

How To Diagnose When Only One Motor Works On Your Meepo Board

How to Diagnose A Broken Motor