Our FAQ page is constantly updated to ensure you have access to our most frequently asked questions!

 Important Updates  

Q: How soon can you ship my order out?

 A: It now takes only 1-2 days for us to ship your order, because we have stock.

Tax related

  1. Do I need to pay tax?
    -------  If your order is with completed board, no tax will be charged for US, and EU.
              (tax will by charged for customers in Nz/ Norway/ Swithland/ South Korea )
    ------- If you buy spare parts and ship to EU/NZ/AU, you will need to pay tax 
  2. Can you declare low value?
    ------- No.  But as said above, customers from most countries don't need to pay tax.

Price & Discount 

  1. How do you have such great specs for such a great price?
    -------- No marketing fee (Forum & YouTube & Friends are only places to know meepo board);  No E-commerce fee (Amazon charge 15%); Low profit.
  2. Is there any discount or discount code I can use?
    --------No.  I believe its better everyone pay same price and keep it simple.


  1. What warranty do I get?
    -------- 90 days from the day receiving board.  Free repair for defect come with the board. 

  2. Can I return the meepo board?
    -------- No, you cant, because shipping cost makes this option unwise. But, there is big chance you can sell it to someone at a good price.