Meepo Campus


Meepo Campus





Campus SANYO


 5 Miles/9 Kms

10 Miles/ 17Kms


22km / 13miles

22km / 13 miles







 Here Is A Video Of The Meepo Campus In Action

Features of Meepo Campus:

  • Regenerative Breaking - charge the battery as you break. Our breaking system is also configured to be smooth, intuitive and safe!
  • Remote and Board Safety - When the remote's battery is low, only the board's brakes will work and acceleration is disabled.
  • Smart turn on - The board automatically turns on when the board is pushed (sensed through motor movement)
  • Wireless Remote Hand held wireless remote with a lanyard to never lose it!
  • Hub Motor(s) - Most powerful and very quiet
  • Weight  -  3.4kg / 7.5lbs
  • Uphill - 65 KG rider (me) can reach climb an 15% gradient slope no problem. Any higher and you risk damaging the board. 
  • Top Speed - 65 KG rider can reach 22 KMH/14MPH
  • Range - 11 Km / 5 miles
  • Smooth - can be used as a regular board, can be kicked and push with little resistance..

 Whats In The Box..

  •  An Completely Assembled Meepo Campus
  •  Wireless Remote 
  •  Charger to charger your board (Adapter, EU or US or AU plug according to your shipping address)
  •  Skateboard Tool
  •  Rear Red LED Light - Help Rider to get noticed when riding in night. Attach it to either truck. Its with 4 different blinking modes; USB cable is included.
  •  Board Wall Mount ( Hang your board on your wall for easy storage)
  •  A pair of foam pads as a spare or in case you want to do a deck swap in the future.
  •  Meepo Campus Usage Manual - Read the manual to get started on your Meepo Board right away! 

SANYO MEEPO is with battery pack of SANYO 20700B (Tesla Battery Cells)


Speed: 22kmh/14mph

Deck: Every Meepo Campus includes a skateboard deck with a kicktail!

Range: Per charge 18 Km = 11 miles  SANYO Battery 

Height: Length 70CM, Wheel Base 47CM

Water Proof: No. Meepo Board is not listed as waterproof.  Riding in rain or wet road may damage the board and is very unsafe.

Any damage to the board via water is not covered by warranty 

Max Weight: Meepo uses one of the most powerful dual motors, it works good for riders less than 90 Kg (or 200 LBS)

Be sure to purchase an extra charger so you can charge it at multiple places !

Quality and Warranty:

  • Meepo boards are built using the best configuration of motors, controllers, and batteries.

  • All parts are checked by us one by one. And we check all through the assemble and check complited board. Here is a video of quality checking.

  • We run each Meepo Board at Max Speed for more than 3.5 hours, before packing.

  • 3 Months warranty for defect come with board, except urethane of motors and wheels.

  • All parts and components are in stock and can be purchased now and in the future.


  • Wheels will get slippery when wet, it is not recommended to ride in the rain! We do not cover water damage.

  • Please keep your remote OFF whenever you step off the board to prevent injury. 

Keep up to date with Meepo and our production subscribing to me on Youtube, Kieran E-board



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